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Ever since they were first released back in 1992, the Cherished Teddies Collection has become one of the most popular figurine collectibles in the world. The Cherished Teddies Friendship Collection was founded after the renowned artist Priscilla Hillman collaborated with a figurine company called Eneseco. The success of this collaboration is partly due to the fact that both Eneseco and Priscilla Hillman shared a similar vision of the figurine industry. They realised that a new type of collectible figurine was needed that could not only invoke a collection frenzy, but could also provide beautifully crafted gifts.

Because of this shared vision, the Cherished Teddies Friendship Collection was one of Eneseco`s most successful ranges of teddy bear figurines. Not only were the Cherished Teddies Friendship Collection beautifully crafted gifts, but they were also artistic enough to make collectors fall in love with their charming and unique characteristics. Priscilla Hillman`s teddies really do seem to have an almost child-like quality that makes them stand out from other figurine collectibles. The cuteness and entertaining qualities of the Cherished Teddies Friendship Collection make them the ideal figures to collect or give to loved ones.

Each Cherished Teddies Friendship figurine is also given a special identity. As well as adding character to the Cherished Teddies Friendship Collection, these names make Eneseco Cherished Teddies the perfect token of friendship. The Cherished Teddies Freda and Tina figurine came with a special message of friendship that other gifts at that time just couldn`t provide. Even today when you are searching for a gift that represents the meaning of your friendship, apart from the Cherished Teddies Friendship Collection, these token gifts can be quite difficult to find.

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Thus, the Cherished Teddies Friendship Collection enables you to provide a sentimental gift which not only represents your own feelings about your friendship with a person close to your heart, but also provides the beginnings of a superbly crafted and heart-warming collection of figurines. However, the success of these collectible figurines is not just evident from the number of collectors but also by Eneseco themselves. In 1995, Eneseco set up a special Cherished Teddies club for collectors. This has since become one of the largest and most successful figurine clubs in the world, and has over 200,000 members worldwide. It is not surprising then that Cherished Teddies Friendship Collectibles have become some of the most famous and sought after gifts worldwide.